Once upon a time, I picked up the phone, I knew it wasn’t the best decision I’ve ever made, but, well a job is a job.
So. I went there an das I thought, this guy was a total prat. But, the good girl, that I just am, … yes, I started.

Don’t arrange with where you don’t belong,
the devil’s table does you wrong.
No matter, what they pay, they don’t do it anyway.

You got no sense, you got no taste,
Your working-time is a waste.
No matter, what they say, don’t do it any other way

I went there and yes, I signed that contract. I know, I shouldn’t have done that, but well, I did, what i did. You can be caught so fast. All of a sudden, I was in that mill.

Don’t sell your soul to the devils bro’.
The benefit is way too low.
All promises they’ve made, are just supposed to fade.


This advice I give to you,
a warning not to pay the due,
And even if you do,
don’t pretend you didn’t knew.

awful – you fell into the blue.

2015 by Thomas Grillberger & Isabella Schinnerl


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