Hole in my Head

The hole in my head, is the meaning of me,
the picture infront my eyes is impossible to be.
I can’t find the right way, through the jungle of the thoughts,
I can’t see the truth, beyond all these gods.

And I’m thinking, and thinking, and thinking,
And I’m waiting, and waiting, and waiting,
And I’m searching, and searching, and searching,
But there’s no way out of me.

The hole in my head, grows every day,
I want to leave myself, but there’s no place I could stay

Thinking, and waiting, and searching, just ain’t enough.

To find, what I’m searching for, I have to fight my inner war,
but I can’t fight to the end, cause I’m not able to understand.

The hole in my head, is too big to see a light, and I’m too afraid, to start with me a fight.


2002 by Isabella Schinnerl


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