I’m sitting here, half naked, the guitar on my lap.
I’m trying not to think to much, cause I am in this gap.
This story is too creepy, although I’m really tough.
Without any hope, I have to have enough.

What’s your idea of leaving, if we never possessed,
Which peace I own, that vindicates the rest?
This train is going to nowhere.
What’s your idea of keeping, what we made up in blue,
Where shall it go, I don’t want wanting you.
This train is going to crash.

I never meant to miss you, thou’, but it feels like I do.
I tell you, that I don’t, to take the pressure off of you.
You still want my freedom, to lead on your life.
This is just ridiculous it’s all about your wife.

What’s your idea of leaving?
What’s your idea of keeping?
What’s your idea of reaching? – When you doubt.


2014 by Isabella Schinnerl


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