Picture on a shelf

Glory days have passed his way, the end was still the same
this man, with the sleepy eyes, always changed his name
shuttered down in happiness and worried by itself,
he never thought, what might bring him down, could be a picture on a shelf.
A picture on a shelf, staring at all, but whilst he keeps looking down, the picture starts to fall.

Man! What have you done to me?
I’ve lost my peaceful mind!
The colours you have given me, will always stick in time!

His look so cold, his eyes so stiff, the rain keeps pouring down.
The picture once just meant to him a jewel in his crown.
Broken glass and an empty shelf was what it left behind.
But never he kept trying to push – rewind

They once met in a certain place, they knew it from the start.
Whilst she quit her relationship, he promised far too much.
Suspicious words meant more to her, than what she already had.
She dropped in and he fell out, well, both of them drove mad.


2014 by Isabella Schinnerl


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